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Manufactured in Australia, Pro Gel is a scientifically formulated propagation gel and is suitable for both soft and semi hardwood cuttings.

Pro Gel contains the plant growth hormone Indole and Naphthalene Acid.

Hence it is stronger and more beneficial than other brands.


As for viscosity (thickness) Pro Gel is the stickiest and binding Prop Gel ever produced. Pro Gel is a very viscous gel which seals the stem and stimulates the cutting to produce roots Super Super Fast!!

Note – When trying to strike seeds or take cuttings it is always an advantage to have all the correct tools. Often the simplest of reasons causes seeds not to strike or cuttings no to take; this could be something as basic as not having a simple heat pad in the winter months.

Finally remember, the cuttings with the healthiest root system will be the same ones you will be proud of at harvest time.

Remember to always follow the propagation basics and maintain the following parameters:

• Seed & Clone Nutrient strength 5 to 7CF
• Rootzone temperature 25 deg c
• Humidity 70 to 85%
• pH level 6.3

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