MR-24/7 Plant Barrier Treatment 45mL = 1.52163 Fluid Ounces


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MITE-RID has been developed for the specific purpose of dealing with the dreaded red spider and two spotted mite.


MITE-RID works by leaf absorption, so the need to get under the canopy of the crop is no longer necessary. When MITE-RID penetrates the leaf tissue any mite that tries to attack the plant will be eradicated. One application is usually all that is needed although an additional spray may be required to clean up any eggs, or if the infestation is heavy.

MITE-RID is quickly setting the standard as an effective treatment with next to no plant sensitivity. MITE-RID is definitely the new product to replace your existing spray program.

Use MITE-RID in both outdoor and indoor, soil or hydroponic applications.

This concentrate (8.45 oz), makes up approx. 22 gallons of spray.

You will not believe how effective this organic pesticide is!

Fully organic, and derived from the neem tree, the active ingredient is compound called azadirachtin.

Mite Rid is now available in the USA!

A few stores in the USA now stock Mite Rid, so US buyers can find a store on

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