LIQUID SCIENCE Grow and Bloom are full spectrum hydroponic nutrients for all stages of plant growth. Unique formulas using only technical grade mineral salts (which have very high solubility), enables plants to take up the elements at a much faster rate than other fertilizer grade brands. This gives the grower total control of their hydroponic nutrient system.

Liquid Science nutrients come in twin packs of 2,10 and 50 Litres.
The 2 litre version comes in a chamber pack with a 100ml measuring chamber for ease of dispensing.


Now available in 5kg and 20kg powder packs.

The most economical way to buy nutrients, just add water!

Developed and manufactured in Australia, Liquid Science challenges similar imported products on both price and quality











pH stability is a major factor in the ability of the plant to absorb all the necessary macro and micro elements needed for sugar production. pH is the term used in measuring the acidic, (lower level), or alkalinity, (upper level) of the nutrient solution. Successful hydroponic growing is only possible with complete control of pH as variations from the ideal range will seriously affect plant growth.

Liquid Science pH adjustment formulas are highly concentrated and consistent quality.

pH Raise and Lower is available in 500ml, 1 and 5 Litres.
Note: The 500ml and 1 Litre bottles come with a measuring chamber for easy dispensing.









SEED & CLONE is an advanced formulation designed specifically for the accelerated germination of seeds and cuttings, as it contains all the necessary plant hormones needed to increase strike rate and accelerate root development.Seed & Clone works best as a pre-soak for propagation material. Use luke warm water and Seed & Clone solution as per the recommended dosage rates. Continue to use Seed & Clone as nutrient until plants are ready to be transplanted.
SEED & CLONE is available in 250ml and 1, 5 Litre


Plant Wax reduces transpiration of cuttings and hence losses from dehydration before the clone has time to generate roots and begin to absorb water.

Plant Wax is a water soluble emulsifiable polymer concentrate which can be sprayed on leaves to form a semi-permeable biodegradable layer. Plant Wax can be applied to most plants including flowers, trees and some vegetable crops. Plant Wax reduces the transpiration rate of most plants that are exposed to extreme temperatures. Plant Wax is also ideal in reducing stress throughout the transplant stage. When sprayed on the leaf surface Plant Wax slows down the transpiration rate by as much as 50%, enabling the plant to put more energy into root zone development.

Plant Wax is available in 1,5 and 25 Litre packs











GREENUP is a rich nitrogen and magnesium based additive which stimulates vegetative growth in all plants, especially leaf crop vegetables. It is fast acting and very effective on plants experiencing leaf yellowing or necrotic leaf symptoms.

GREENUP can be used as both a tank additive or as a foliar spray. It is also very effective on soil growing plants.

GreenUp is available in 1, 5 and 25 Litres










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Liquid Science™ is manufactured and distributed by Hydro Masta Pty Ltd a Sydney based company with over 30 years experience in the hydroponics industry. Hydro Masta Pty Ltd has produced a range of products for its retail division which have all been field tested over very many years, and these have now been released to the national market as the Liquid Science brand.

All the products in our range are highly competitive in both quality and price with imported products.

Retailers wishing to carry Liquid Science products can request a wholesale price list: or call direct on 0296532489

Why pay for imported water? Improve your margins and buy direct from the manufacturer!


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